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SACHIN K. R.2011-2015Senior Network Engineer,
Netxperts Inc. 
The Computer Science program at NIE Institute of Technology prepared me for every facet of Network Engineering within the industry and motivated me to peruse my goal and dream of earning Masters in the same. The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on team collaboration. While studying Bachelor’s in Computer Science, I not only gained knowledge of building various applications, platforms, and technologies but also got to work on many projects one of which got selected for KSCST-IISc grant and few others got selected for international Journals and Conferences. Professors at NIE-IT all seem to take great pride in what they do, and I am fortunate to call a few of them my mentors and I would like to thank Usha MS, Lovee Jain,  Prema N, Vedhavathi N for helping me, giving opportunities and platform to prove myself throughout my stay at NIE IT. At last but not least, I had great time meeting many talented classmates/friends who created an engaging atmosphere. I feel very lucky to have been part of the NIEIT Family.
BALAKRISHNAN2012-2016Technical Team Lead, Zignite LabsWhen I first started my journey from Bengaluru I was initially worried about being in Mysuru for another four years. But it was no later, the college became the best place for me. If you ask me about the career prospect well I’m the wrong person then. This college has given me a lot more than career. Especially me, I was active in every event right from being the coordinator for class to the creative head of college entrepreneur cell NEON.
Juniors and seniors were never the less than my close friends. Such affectionate they use to be Neither the less to mention, Usha Ma’am and Lakshmi Ma’am of CSE department were one of the all time best teachers I ever had. They were mentoring us right from taking us out of class to host the events also to walk us out in case if we hadn’t completed our assignments. Those four years were the best time of my life.
I was fortunate and privileged enough to join NIEIT seven and a half years ago as a teenager with full of ambitions, dreams and desires to get myself graduated as a competent computer science engineer. The orientation program was held on the auspicious teachers’ day. On this ironical and fateful day, we sat in a classroom with all teaching and supporting non-teaching staff introducing themselves to get acquainted. We were also served with coffee and biscuit in eco-friendly paper cups and plates with great love and affection, followed by famous traditional bisibelebath and curd rice with our would-be classmates and contemporaries sitting next, eagerly and anxiously wanting to know each other but, did not converse as all of us were shy and hesitant to start with, but understood the feelings of the others. I still wonder, whether it is a dream or a fact how we became lifelong friends, who were not known just the previous day. Next day in the maiden class we were made to introduce ourselves one by one and I became a centre of attraction in the whole class due to many reasons. Due to this, when any teacher/senior comes and asks anything, my friends used to point me. As this spread and even escalated across departments, I became noted in the whole of college. By the time we settled from the hangover of joining and becoming friends, we had to start studying and face our first semester exams which approached very fast.  Then we had our college fest, where for the first time, I tasted the success of teamwork for and from our juice stall. The same team did many new things for each and every fest from there onwards. In the third semester, our seniors had organized a robotics workshop which made me to incline towards robotics. We had new things each semester, by the time we came out of the aftermath, we used to have semester end exams. Since we were compelled to transit in our college buses, we all sat together enjoyed pulling each other’s leg, taunting, laughing and what not. This instantiated an attachment, strong bonding and affection in between all of us beyond friendship and words which are nostalgic memories now which we can never ever forget. Sometimes, we go back to our college days and feel young because of this.
During the classes for four years, we were taught the importance of the subject, units, chapters and lessons along with the deep concept in them when we become full-fledged engineers in our future walks of life. This made me to grasp the overall picture of industry requirements and expectations and contribution to the same after graduation from our part and side. We were given a strong foundation to become the kind of computer science engineers we had aspired for. We felt the soft corners of our teachers for us like their own brethren which are beyond words. I was the kind of student who did not bunk classes and enjoy with friends outside because of the affinity towards the same and the subject, I used to be the only one sitting in the classroom requesting my teacher not to heed and teach me though my friends bunk in mass for which, my sixty friends never objected. This made the other teachers easy to identify that particular teacher is on leave when anybody sees me in corridor during class hours. We were taken to software companies as industrial visit to bridge the gap between industry and academia. But since we were too novice to handle that much of technicality we had fun which turned out to be a jolly trip like in our school days. During the final year, we teamed up ourselves, accomplished the project, received all the required trainings under the able guidance of our beloved teachers, the need to understand the concepts in depth and the way we present and graduated as the engineers we wanted to be for years.
I keep on remembering my teachers every day when I apply with the same things and knowledge in my employment and career which were taught in and out of the classrooms at our alma matter NIEIT. I am differentiated in my current as well as in previous organizations where I worked, being the centre of attraction and a wanted man in shell scripting, engineering mathematics, C++, algorithms, etc., praised for my presentation, leadership, managerial skills, dedication, discipline, hard work and many more things which were inspired and inflicted by them, I express my deepest sense of gratitude and I have a special place in my heart towards our college and faculty, still not able to leave the college from my memory and if destiny desires I may come back to my own college and people.
Once friends who sat in the same class listened to the same lectures, taught by the same teachers, learnt the same concepts and graduated together are now scattered in different continents, countries, cities, industries and organizations, have parted ways in the fields they aspired for and find difficult in understanding what each other is working on.
Though the whole notion was to get graduated and land in our dream career, we never knew we were making memories and these long four years have turned out to be the best period of our lives which we can never get back and is nostalgic. I have finally reached my goal being the kind of engineer I cherished. I am grateful to each and every one in NIEIT for making my latent capacities to manifest as patent.
NIEIT will thrive…
To keep our sweet memories alive.
NIE Institute of Technology provided great support with all the required resources. The lecturers and faculties were really encouraging when it came to Experiential learning. I got a great opportunity to organize and participate in many events and competitions which helped me in technical as well as managerial skills. I thank the institute for providing a platform to kick-start my career in an AI technology start-up.

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